Starting A Regional Visionary Partner Chapter

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Starting a Chapter

It’s simple: RVP's are entrepreneurial-minded people who want to escape the daily grind and join the Creative Revolution. When you become a RVP, we certify you to launch your own T.L.C. For Women Empowerment Chapter with plenty of support from us.

If you are interested in starting your own chapter, please contact the T.L.C. For Women Empowerment Arizona Regional Office at (602) 413-4231 or send an email to [email protected]

We will send you information about the development of new chapters.

 3 simple steps

1) Logistics - Implement the T.L.C. business model, coordinate with HQ and sync calendar. Recruit churches or libraries for event locations and schedule the events from our calendar.

2) Local Marketing - Use your local and social media networks to increase brand awareness and grow your customer base.

3) Host an event - Set up, and host events. 

3 things you'll need

Passion - Nothing gets in your way because you know that the health and well being of  all women is vital to the makeup of humanity. You’re ready to channel that proactive and positive energy into a  business opportunity.

CharismaAre people drawn to you? Are you passionate about connecting like-minded individuals? Your magnetic personality makes you ideal for this position .

OrganizationAre your friends always asking you to help them prioritize their  to-do lists. As an RVP you get to flex those organizational muscles as you manage an evolving business.

Joining a chapter

An individual may be a member of one chapter only. Applications are available at Divine Connections meetings. The investment to join T.L.C. For Women Empowerment consists of an annual participation fee. Please call the T.L.C. For Women Empowerment Arizona office at (602) 413-4231 for more information.


Investment in the training of staff is crucial in maintaining a professional business and team. We offer two training courses a year at the Arizona Regional Office. This course is four hours, one day a week for two weeks.